U.S. Forest Service & Mining


The Forest Service recognizes that prospectors and miners have a statutory right, not a mere privilege, under the Mining Law of May 10, 1872, the Surface Resources Act of 1955, 30 U.S.C. 611-615 (sometimes referred to as the Multiple Use Mining Act of 1955 or as Public Law 167), and the Organic Administration Act of 1897, also the Organic Administration Act of 1891to go upon certain National Forest System lands and PUBLIC DOMAIN LANDS ( “ Public Domain Lands is a subject I will cover latter “ “very interesting concept “ ) for the purposes of locatable mineral exploration, development, and production. Yes, the Forest Service fully recognize this right ! And should at all times abide by the fact that you as a miner or prospector own the STATUTORY RIGHT and are not mere guest of the government.  The fact is, you pay the U.S. Government for this right each and every year! In U.S. Funds or Sweat Equity ! “ READ THE ABOVE ACT’s AND LAWS !
The Forest Service may not unreasonably or otherwise restrict the exercise of that right. Under the revised regulation, Forest Service administrators would at all times apply the test of reasonableness, in that the regulations and their administration cannot extend beyond what is needed to preserve and protect the National Forests from needless surface resource damage, “ UPON NATIONAL FOREST LANDS “
Particular consideration would be given to the economics of operations, the stage of the operations, along with other factors in applying the test of reasonableness. Such as removing timber from National Forest Lands as described in the 1872 mining laws.
( As the Mining Law of May 10, 1872 clearly states in so many words “ If more timber is needed for your mining operation you may GO OFF your mining claim ON TO FOREST RESERVE LANDS and obtain the timber needed, this is where the authority of the forest service comes into play, by definition of law! Read those words carefully

“Let’s  Look at this a little closer”
What I have stated here in the above can and should be looked at very closely.
And I say this because your lawyer will not present the facts and Federal Judges will not allow it to be introduced in his court most likely. A Lawyer’s first duty is to that court, not you!
But there are ways I would think “ OPINION “ !
In all cases like this where your rights are in question, one should always have a good attorney, “ AS SECOND “ you must have the intestinal fortitude “ GUTS “ to represent yourself, but you need a darn good attorney to advise you and to do all the paperwork, dates and filings and whatnot.
And here is the reason I say this.  When you go into a federal court room, you expect “Justus” right? well look at the word “ JUST  US – JUST U.S. “ and you must always remember The Judge the Prosecuting Attorney’s “ always more that one “ and the U.S. Forest Service are all working for who? Well that answerer is easy, The Government, after all they are all paid by who? The Government. Just to give you another idea about your rights or the rights you think you have. When you first walk into that court room take a look around you “ take a darn good look at that Wonderful old United States of American Flag we all love so much and that so many have fought and died for. Take a good look it is a beautiful old flag with it’s bright stars on a blue background and those red and white stripes, but wait what is that? Gold trimmed braid? What does that stand for you may ask. Well my friends it stands for the Government “ MARSHAL LAW “ and it has been that way since President Lincoln.! This means that your Constitutional Rights mean nothing in that court. So, you ask what can we do?
Well here is my “ OPINION, as all of this is ! ”
Go through all the motions of this or any court like it, object to everything the prostituting “sorry misspelling”  Prosecuting attorneys say and I mean everything, and you must be prepared to take your case to the highest court in the land, for that is the only place you have any hope of what is called Justus.
Remember  “ FREEDOM IS NOT FREE! ”
“This as all my articles on subject of law and or mining law is solely my OPINION ! “


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