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NM legislation to take federal lands

February 1, 2013

I have my doubts about this but I sure hope NM can get this done !

As a small miner in NM I have dealt with the most arrogant idiots within the USNF IE; ( Lincoln National Forest ) that I in my 71 years have ever come across.

We as small miners in NM pay to the U.S. Government each year hundreds of thousands of dollars for our mining claims and the opportunity to work our mining claims only to have some arrogant idiot or edits from the LNF telling us that we can only work our claims with a pick and shovel unless we put up a bond that is so high that most of us can not afford! They tell us we can not use the road unless it is by horse, mule or walk to the claim.( AND THIS IS ONLY PART OF IT )

What is strange is that the LNF along with all USFS drive around in new state of the art pick- up trucks and most of them have a new 4 wheeler in the back.

And expect us as small miners to be stuck in the 1800’s but what really gets me Teed off is that they are taking Social Security money to pay for all this.

Yes I know Social Security money is put into the general fund but that is where they get their funds from. And they say Social Security is broke ( Wonder Why )

And that when the USFR ( U.S. Forest Reserve ) was formed they were given 10 years to be self sufficient HUMMMMM ! Wonder what happen there !

The USNF was never returned to the people as it was

The USNF was never returned to the people as it was promised it would be.